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ANDALUSIAN VISIONS by Cyril Caine, Stuart Dischell, Laurent Estoppey

About this edition:
Poetry, Photography, Music. 5.85" x 8.25" hardcover accordion binding, with music CD.
ISBN 978-0-87775-107-6.
Release date: 30 March 2023

Andalusian Visions is an array of paths crisscrossing the desert. Landscape photographs by CYRIL CAINE portray the deserts of Andalusia and the southwestern United States. A poem in eight parts by STUART DISCHELL traces a journey whose end echoes in the desert. A French translation of Dischell’s poem and eight pieces of experimental music, both by LAURENT ESTOPPEY, present a new dimension to the experience.

Photographer-director CYRIL CAINE began his artistic career as an actor in numerous plays, TV host, and director for French television. His ground-breaking project on disfigurement, “Entre-Sort,” presents a visual protest against normative ideas about beauty. His work has been presented in numerous exhibitions, magazines and television channels in the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil, and China. He has taught photography and documentary courses at the Catholic University of Lille.

STUART DISCHELL is the author of Good Hope Road, Evenings & Avenues, Dig Safe, Backwards Days, Children with Enemies, and The Lookout Man. His poems have appeared in The Alaska Quarterly, The Atlantic, Agni, The New Republic, Slate, Kenyon Review, and Ploughshares. A recipient of awards from the NEA, the North Carolina Arts Council, and the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, he is a professor in the MFA Program in Creative Writing at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

Swiss saxophonist and composer LAURENT ESTOPPEY lives in Greensboro, works mostly between USA and Switzerland, and devotes himself mostly to music and arts of today. Numerous collaborations with composers have led him to create at least three hundred works but also to open him to the composition world. Now his musical activity is divided between written music and improvisation, and it occurs throughout Switzerland, many European countries, but also in the Americas, Russia and South Africa. Beside having founded and developed numerous chamber music groups, Estoppey is a member and artistic director of Swiss ensemBle baBel and Collapss (music, dance, poetry, visual arts in Greensboro, NC). His discography includes more than thirty recordings.