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About the Press

Unicorn Press was founded in 1966 in Santa Barbara, CA, and in 1973 it moved to Greensboro, NC. By then, it was the sole responsibility of Al Brilliant, who had founded the press along with Jack Shoemaker. Al was fortunate to have the cooperation and partnership of his spouse, the poet, novelist, and translator, Teo Savory (1907-1989), who became Editor of the press while Al handled production and administration. During its first 50 years, Al had the comradeship of forty young men and women who joined in full-time, for two years or longer. In 2016, Al handed off daily management of Unicorn to Andrew Saulters, who joined the press in 2011.

Al and Teo published many poets who have gone on to contribute to American letters. Believing that readers should spend at least as much time reading a poem as the poet did writing it, Unicorn has produced poetry in every form: post cards to books: poems as individuals. Today, the press focuses on chapbooks and smaller cohesive full-length collections of poetry.


ANDREW SAULTERS edits, designs, and produces Unicorn Press books.

ALAN "AL" BRILLIANT, founder of Unicorn Press and Director Emeritus, was the author of several books of poetry and translation, including the textbook Bus Journal (Unicorn, 2009). He was the author of several other journals, including Bookshop Journal. Al was co-owner and operator of Glenwood Community Bookstore in Greensboro, NC. In the days and weeks leading up to 29 May 2022, when he passed, Al's greatest wish was to return to the bookstore where he had worked and built community since November 2008.

First Book Competition Judges

2018: DAN ALBERGOTTI, poet.
2016: OKLA ELLIOTT, poet, fiction writer, and critic.
2015: VALERIE NIEMAN, poet and novelist.
2014: MARK SMITH-SOTO, poet and editor emeritus of International Poetry Review.